kattttiiiieeeee (_____katie_) wrote in musicc_islove,

musicc is the anwser to everything.

lately i have been listening to::

[x] portugal. the man
[x] the blood brothers
[x] anberlin
[x] boys night out
[x] the fall of troy

portugal. the man - i really like this band. it's like experimental indie-ish stuff. it's got a cool vibe. highly reccomend it. favorite song: aka m80 the wolf.

the blood brothers - crimes is amazing. but burn, piano island burn will always hold a special place in my heart. off crimes my favorite song is: live at the apocolypse cabaret.

anberlin - good stuff. just started listening to it the other day. alot of the time though it sounds like the singer is in an uncomfortable part of his range when he sings. but still good. favorite song: paperthin hymn.

boys night out - i am in love with the newest cd. has so many great songs. everyone should listen to it. seriously, some amazing pop/punk right there. favorite song: composing.

the fall of troy - i really love their sound. expiremental hardcore. if you like the blood brothers or the fall of troy, you will love this band. plus they are all really hot. favorite song: f.c.p.r.e.m.i.x.
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